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This website was set up by the Community Environment Partnership for Eastbourne (CEPE), which has representatives from a number of organizations and community groups within Eastbourne.

CEPE was created in 2009 to ensure that all of the issues that affect our environment were brought into a single place. It now wants to build on the foundation work of the last 3 years to help Eastbourne become a low carbon town by 2020. It also wants all of the residents to become involved to make this happen.

The  next seven years will be a critical time as:

  • we need to make every effort to try and limit global warming to 2 degrees, time is literally running out
  • in case this target is not met we need to start to prepare our resilience to the worst effects of climate change – it can’t be done at the last minute
  • we also need to be less reliant on fossil fuels as energy prices will only increase and continue to cause fuel poverty and hit business profitability

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